From the weekend

Allergies, Ella's birthday, and transitioning Ella from her crib into her toddler bed explains my absence over the last week.  I've felt under the weather and exhausted thanks to both the record pollen count and sleeping with toddler feet in my face.  Any energy I've mustered has been put into keeping my sink clean and my children fed.  But tomorrow, I'm planning on making bff's with an allergist, so life will once again consist of clear eyes (literally) and a more regimented writing schedule.  So stay tuned for a post on and a vlog from Ella's birthday!  For now, here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Ella's really into sitting lately.  Any chair, bench, or couch she comes across she stops and takes a seat.  We've learned to avoid the furniture section while out shopping.

Something else Ella is into lately - holding her little brother's hand.  Sometimes she gets frustrated when he takes his hand away, but she's learning how to really make him smile.

And something I'm into always - a decaf, vanilla almond milk latte, half the sweetener.  Thank God we live in Portland, a place that is known for its baristas saying, "we only serve alternative milk choices here."


  1. Haha! Love the "alternative milk choices"- that's hilarious. And so Portland. ;)



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