From the weekend

This weekend was Summer status.  It was hot and sunny and totally beautiful and it was, according to Washingtonians "so unusual."  But we'll take it!  (In the Fall and Winter) Washington very much lives up to the It Rains All The Time stereotype.  So we welcomed the 5 days of consistently sunny skies.  A trip to the park was of course necessary and so was eating too much ice cream from our favorite local ice cream place.  Outings like these are only becoming more fun as Ella gets older.  The last time I was this excited for a Summer was...probably when I was anticipating Summer Break from school.

Sunday brought out our Sunday Best and we decided to hunt down something yummy and take it over to my in-laws.  Good thing we had these cupcakes on Sunday, 'cause they were way too good for a Monday.

Happy New Week to you.  I'll see you Wednesday.


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