From the weekend

It's another year of unusual weather for Washington, so I hear.  85 degrees in April?  These breaks from the rain have been seriously nice, and we've been spending all the time we can outside.  A trip to Portland, a trip to the park, donuts, iced coffee.  Hello, warm weather!

Rain = this?  We'll take it!  So much green, so much beauty.

Breakfast out!  I try to make a full breakfast for us during the week, so I love the treat of breakfast out on the weekends.  Seen here: Ella taking pictures of me, a much-needed distraction as the hungry little one waited for her food.

I spy with my eye...two cousins playing!

Break for snack time.  These two.

Ella found a stick and looked like the littlest member of Hogwarts carrying that thing around.  (Note to future self: Halloween costume idea?)

Sweet, little Rylie!  Ain't she a cutie?
Some late night editing action.  I took some video of our afternoon trip to Portland and made a little vlog our of it.  I've been wanting to do video for a while, and tapping into my (very) old editing skill set was good times.  Look out for it tomorrow!

Little A.  He smiles so much, he brings sunshine to all our rainy days.


  1. What a fun weekend!!! And so many cute babies in this post, ahhh! ;)


    1. Any weekend with these babies is a fun weekend. :)

  2. aw looks like a great weekend :)

    M Loves M


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