On the things that weren't meant to be

Have you ever went for something that you just knew you were going to nail?  A job, an audition, an interview, a debate.  And then, for whatever reason, it didn't go your way?

For me, recently, it was a job.  I was in the midst of applying for a social media analyst position that I was confident would have been a perfect fit for me.  Based off the description and my resume, I knew I could have excelled in this environment and contributed greatly to the team.

But due to recent tired days and late dinners, I didn't dedicate enough time to tweaking my resume in order to send it out in a timely manner.  As I was going to send my resume off, the page reloaded with a big "this job is no longer available."  No, this isn't the worst thing that's ever happened to me, but it did hurt.  I put a lot of effort into this particular application -- reading how to best craft a cover letter, researching the company, tweaking my LinkedIn profile.

But enough back story.  This isn't a post on lost job offers.  It's about the lessons lost job offers can teach us.

Some things simply weren't meant to be.

Whatever it may be, some things don't work out and they often don't work out for reasons that we can't yet understand.  All we can do is pack up, take our lessons learned, and start to work towards our next venture.  The reassurance lies in knowing that eventually something will work out.  And when it does, we will most likely be thankful for that one time we didn't get that one job that we waited too long to apply for.

I hope you have a happy Wednesday.  As for me, I've got a date with SimplyHired.com.



  1. :-( I'm so sorry that didn't work out! But you are very right - there are no mistakes, and everything happens for a reason. It sounds so cliche, but it really is true. The right job is waiting for you! Will keep praying!

    1. Thanks so much. And thanks for your help! As Tim said, on the bright side, I now have a near perfect resume and cover letter ready when I need 'em. :)


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