Heat wave highlights

The past few days have been days of sticking our heads in the freezer and finding the silver lining. This California heat wave has been record-breaking and (if I'm being honest) horrible.

But these past days had its own set of highlights, so I decided to take a moment and recognize some favorite moments.

1)  Tim and I discovered an awesome indoor mall.
2)  I found the perfect little black dress from the Kardashian Kollection on clearance for $11.99.  Originally $85.00.  Big, big score.
3)  We bought Ella some shades. 
4)  We shopped home decor for our future dream home.  (Thankfully, we have the same taste in couches.)
5)  We got a free Chick Fil A meal.  That was cool.
6)  We got new sheets.
7)  We finalized plans for a trip north this weekend.
8)  We caught up with Parks and Rec.  (One of the best season finales ever.)
9)  We shopped for air conditioners.  This was annoying and hilarious.  Annoying because no store in San Diego county had one.  Hilarious because no store in the San Diego county had one.
10)  Froyo.   

The common theme is obviously buying things.  That's what happens when the mall becomes home for a few days.

I'll leave you with a picture of Ella rocking her new sunnies.

Stay cool, friends.


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