A missed 'thank you' #personal

We're currently packing up what has been our home over the past year, and we're getting ready to move into what we're going to make home for the next 12 months.  I've lost count how many times I've moved in the past four years, but every time I've moved I've rediscovered things that were forgotten over recent months. A few of these rediscoveries (this time around) include:

1) Love for my heels.
2) Just how much clothing I own.  (You never realize how big your closet is until you have to take it apart.)
3) Some 'thank you' notes in my desk drawer.

(Now stay tuned for adventures from our move) but I'm going to focus on number 3.  Do you ever mean to do something and then just...forget?  Sending 'thank you' notes has fallen into this category for me, and I'm ashamed and saddened to say so.  In retrospect, I have no idea why they didn't get stamped and mailed out. They're written, in envelopes, and (mostly) addressed.  There really is no excuse as to why these people didn't receive the 'thank you' they deserve.  All I have is...life happened.  I was well-intentioned and then those good intentions were put in a desk drawer left to be forgotten.

I'm writing about this so it will serve as a lesson to better myself - to follow through on what seems like such a little act - sending 'thank you' notes.  The thing is, this act isn't a little thing.  It's a really big thing.  

To becoming better.


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