Some highlights

New mom life is crazy.

Lately, time feels like it's moving faster than usual.  Days feel like they're blending together. So I thought I'd take a few minutes, reflect on the past week or so, and pull some highlights.

Friday and Saturday.  These 2 days were filled with highlights.  A few good friends came over, helped us packed, and helped us move.  I'm pretty sure our friend Brian was over for 12 hours or something. Did I mention the good friend thing?

Our new apartment.  The place is a bit smaller but has 2 bedrooms.  Being in SD for at least another year, finding a reasonably priced 2 bedroom place was our goal.  And this place has met our expectations.  It has a bit of character, but the layout is a much better use of space compared to our old place.  We're still trying to figure out a name for an office + nursery.

Ella sleeping through the night!  This is the highlight of the past few months.  She goes down between 10 and midnight and wakes up between 6 and 9.  As someone who really doesn't do well with little sleep, I thank God every day for this blessing.

FUDGE.  My best friend was vacationing in northern Michigan and decided to send us some fudge from Mackinac Island.  It came in the mail during our last moving day.  It was the best little surprise on a rather stressful, exhausting day.

Tim's job offer.  An adjunct professor position at the college we attended.  The subject?  Programming, of course.  I'm excited and happy for him.  A goal of his has been to teach and share his passion with gaming students.

THIS.  When family came out to visit last month, this little dude brought so much joy to our visit. Before they came out, Tim and I wondered how the boys would be around us considering they were so young when we last saw them.  I love the little guy so much, it warmed my heart to see this.


  1. Wonderful news about Tim's job!! How exciting, and what a great experience to add to his resume! So crazy happy for you guys. I keep you in my prayers, always. <3


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