A few favorites

Every now and then I'll make a purchase and I love said purchase so much that it becomes a staple in my day-to-day.  I thought I'd share my recent favorites, because I love them.  A lot.

After purchasing this beauty, I totally get why people buy designer things.  Besides the fact that the designs are beautiful, the quality is supreme.  I would hope an originally $100 wallet would be better quality than say..a $15 wallet from Forever21...I bought this wallet months ago with a gift card I got for my birthday.  As one who errs on the side of saving money, I stood in the aisle forever contemplating if it was worth dropping 45 bucks on the once near $100 piece.  I did.  Best decision.  Has a spot for my phone, fits my cash/cards perfectly.  To top it off?  Fits perfectly in the accessories section of my stroller.  You can tell me I'm way too excited about this wallet.  It's cool.

I had been researching strollers for months.  Sometimes having many choices is a wonderful blessing, but it was during this time I wished that there weren't so many stroller models.  They ranged from $50 to $800. And of course the one I spotted on Pinterest was closer to the $800 range.  I walked away from the research for a while and that's when I spotted what would become our trusty Graco confidant at Target.  We dropped 60 bucks on it.  It's lightweight, has the perfect storage, cup holders, etc.

I walked into Forever21, spotted these, picked 'em up, and checked out.  It was love at first sight.


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