The little things and happy lists

I've been up in bed for most of these past 2 weeks.  Turns out, recovering from giving birth is a lot harder and more intense than I ever anticipated.  When you've been inside for a while, it's easy to start feeling a little bluesy and cooped up.

So.  I decided to throwback to middle school and make a *"happy list."

Ella's stretches when she wakes up from a nap.
The support of my husband.
Looking for a new hair color.
Sunny skies.
New nail polish.
Being able to wear my wedding rings again.
Painted nails.
Vanilla iced coffee.
Kevin Spacey interviews.
Dark chocolate covered almonds.
Aiden & Anais swaddling blankets.
Dancing With the Stars.
Hot baths.
A good book.
Iced green tea.
New outfits for Ella.

Happy list: a list containing things that make you...happy.  Markers and colored pencils are usually involved.


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