A word on nothing

During the last 6 weeks, I've spent close to 100% of my life on the couch.  Waiting to give birth, the first 2 were spent with a spoon in one hand and a pint of ice cream in the other.  The next 3 were spent recovering. And the last one has been dedicated to ridding myself of this cold (which I'm convinced I'm handling worse than labor).  

So.  Quite literally, nothing has been happening.  We purchased 10 boxes of tissue with some pretty cool designs on them, discussed the color of our daughter's poop over dinner, and watched nearly 3 seasons of The Walking Dead.

Oh.  I've also been reading inspirational quotes of out of my Mom Candy book, of course.

It's been a riveting last month and a half.  So, as I sit here with my last box of tissue, I can say with great excitement we're welcoming family from Alaska tomorrow.  My mother & father-in -law will be venturing our way as well as my brother & sister-in-law, and our 2 nephews.  We have a week ahead full of zoo trips, double dates, and selfie extravaganzas.

Thank God.  Because I'm beginning to feel like a walker.


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