Stereotypes, Californians, and exceptions

Sometimes, okay a lot of times, I hate on California.  Where are the seasons?  Where are the friendly smiles?

I was raised in the Midwest.  And there were a few things engrained in me at a young age.

1)  You make eye contact with someone?  You acknowledge them and smile.
2)  You always, always hold the door open.
3)  Your response to a clerk asking, "how are you?" is "Good.  How are you?"

Common courtesy is a religion.

Southern California is no Midwestern state, but despite what I think common courtesy is alive and well in this part of the country.

Yesterday Tim and I purchased a stroller.  Quite thrilled we Tim no longer had to cart around a car seat, we took a trip to the mall to give the Graco beauty a whirl.

We looked like new parents.

Wait.  Where is the elevator?

To the left.  Right.

How do we get to this level?

Turn around.

I told Tim it seems like it would be a challenge to get in and out of places in a stroller.

How do you open the door?

As Tim held the door open for me:

Well, you turn around and back up into the door or hope someone is nice enough to help you out.

I thought, "Out here in SoCal?  That won't likely be the case."  Before I had time for my thought to become a statement, Tim pointed:

Like that guy.

Right in front of us, a woman had just finished carrying her toddler (in a stroller) up an escalator.  A man (hands full himself) who was crossing paths with her took notice.

Are you going into the cafe?  Inching toward the door.

No, I'm headed over there, but thank you.

Smiles.  No problem.

Good is found everywhere.
Before you jump to you next conclusion, pause.

I know I will.


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