Life lately

For over two weeks, I've been meaning to sit down and share some pictures from a trip we took downtown, but that night ended up being the night a loved one passed away, so life immediately shifted for a good week and a few days. Since then, life has had its waves of grief and gratitude, and in the midst of it all, I've worked to get back to the place I need to be for my family. Loss has a way of robbing you of inner peace, but the Faith has anchored me to hope. And, gratefully, I have reached a place of peace.

Here are some pictures of life lately. Leave it to my kids to always bring the smile back to my face.

We made it to downtown Detroit just in time before the Christmas tree and all the pop-up shops were taken down. I haven't been downtown during the Christmas season in years. It's far better than I remember.
My kids are cooler than I am.
A boy and his over-sized Mickey doll.


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