Momma and me

On Friday, I put on some lipstick, braided Ella's hair, and we bid the boys a farewell as we went off to our first-ever momma/daughter date night. The last time I went somewhere by myself with Ella, I was pregnant with Archie and it was the first time I had driven with her post-agoraphobia. A particularly triumphant day, but it was nothing spectacular as we scooted on down the street to the local target for some groceries. But this this was date night. We were dressed up and ready to celebrate one of my best friends (and one of Ella's favorite people) at her bridal shower.

Both Ella and Archie are in a deep current of a growth spurt and the ebb and flow has been hard to manage, to say the least. Ella wants to be able to sit quietly and practice her numbers, letters, and writing her name, and Archie—sweet, rowdy, little Arch—wants to scribble on any space Ella touches. Needless to say, waves are crashing and I'm trying to stay afloat. But in observing this behavior, I realized how important one-on-one time is with the kids.

Leading up to last Friday, I would talk about our "special night" with her. What dress do you want to wear? Would you like me to braid your hair? Are you excited to see Katie, Beth and Susie? Yes, there will be treats. The night came, she stayed up past her bedtime and she came home happy. I don't know if it's connected; I have no evidence to suggest so, but after I noticed she was a little lighter with Archie. She was more willing to share and began playing well with Archie, the best since I started staying at home with them.

Ella is at a super fun age. I've been looking forward to this age since she was born. There's just something about having a conversation with a three year I'm glad that I've kicked anxiety in the butt enough that I'm able to go out and share these special moments with her. 'Cause they are certainly just getting started. 


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