From the weekend—Cruisin'

Dream cruise weekend. One of the signature weekends that makes Detroit, Detroit. It's the Saturday when all of Woodward essentially shuts down and makes room for the dusted-off and polished-up classic cars. Since I've only been to a handful of Dream Cruises in my life, I was excited for the family to experience it in all its fume-filled glory as a part of it was going to be new for me, too. We walked 5 miles, Archie had a tantrum and our time was cut short from cranky babies. Alas. The classic car parade the night before was, I think, the highlight. With every rev of an engine, Archie let out an animated Ohhhh!

No set plans as we head into this week. Is every stay-at-home mom like that? Takes each day one at a time? Sometimes I feel like I should have activities highlighted and color-coded by day or whatever. But I don't, and I probably never will. What is on my invisible to-do list is cleaning the kitchen three times and having an afternoon dance party to the Sing soundtrack.

I mean, really? These 2 have been giving me all the feels lately—mostly equal parts baby fever and "pass the wine".

Giant sandbox in one of our favorite neighborhoods.

Ella's into taking pictures after church lately. We "go see Mary" (the statue) then "take a picture."

(Thanks to one of my best friends) we discovered a new local coffee shop. They have GF banana bread and it looks like...this. So all the wins, really.


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