Welcoming Advent and preparing for Christmas

"Here, mama!"
"Got one!"

"Here, Archie"

Joy to the world, always.

This is the kids' dresser.  The snow globe plays Oh Holy Night, the perfect Christmas nighttime lullaby.

Is it just me or is it becoming more and more socially acceptable to put up Christmas decorations before the Thanksgiving turkey is devoured?  I remember, at the earliest, the Friday following Thanksgiving was the day to put up all things red and green.  Regardless, I'm not complaining.  Being in a place with snow and cold temperatures, I wanted to put our tree up the day after Halloween.

We spent the Sunday of our Thanksgiving break decorating our little basement for the Christmas season.  We had Polar Express playing and had festive drinks in hand.  During last year's Christmas season, I remember being so excited and eager for Ella to reach an age where she could help us decorate the tree, and this year is that year.  She was all about trying to fit as many ornaments as she could on one, little branch.  As for Archie?  Well, he had a blast chucking the (plastic) ornaments as hard and far as he could.

Happy Advent season to all of you!  (27 days 'til Christmas)


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