It seems Tim and I are way too newly married to be ... reminiscing.  I mean, right?  Reminiscing is such a weighty word full of implying things like Polaroids and big hair and Ts that read Zeppelin across the chest. But that's what it feels like I'm doing here, reminiscing.

As we gear up to close out another year, another close to another year that will look different than the last, I just couldn't help but to look back at our beginning -- our very beginning, that now feels like a lifetime ago.  My pant size was different, my hair style was different, my Target boots were still holdin' strong.  I hadn't yet bore two children and we hadn't yet moved 4 times.

It was just us, newly minted college grads with a bag of half-planned dreams and fluctuating checking accounts.

Having crossed a few major goals off our list, I can only say to these kids in the pictures oh, the places you'll go.


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