A belated honeymoon

When Tim and I were prepping for our wedding, a honeymoon was originally included in the planning.  (Duh.)  We were to go to a resort in northern Michigan and spend 5 whole days decompressing from destination wedding chaos.  After crunching what would be the numbers of our newlywed budget, we realized that spending money on a honeymoon wasn't practical nor...doable. We realized any money we were going to receive as a gift needed to go to furnishing an apartment and all those new apartment costs.  So, we canceled our reservation and put any idea of honeymoon on hold.

Going on a honeymoon wasn't an option until just recently when we moved near family in Michigan. I decided to take Tim's birthday as an opportunity to say, "You've worked so hard for us.  Thank you. Let's go on that honeymoon."  So I did.  Our kids went off to spend the weekend with one of their favorite people, and Tim and I hit the highway North.

We quickly slipped into Fall Heaven.  A four-hour drive (and one speeding ticket) later, we entered Glen Arbor, a quiet, lush part of Western Michigan.  I had never been to that part of the state, so it was Tim and I wandering and discovering together.  

There's not much to say about it except that it was simple and perfect.  And that if felt beyond good to go away with money we worked hard to save and having had 3 full years of marriage behind us.


This was taken at a rest stop.  But I'm pretty sure it could be made into a postcard.

Do you think this looks like a place that would have GF pizza?  We didn't think so either.  But it's the best (and only) in town!

Local eats are the best eats.

We're so cool, it hurts.

I spy a Youper!

Pretty, ain't it?

Hey there, hott stuff!

Oh, just me casually posing.

Quick!  It's raining!  Get under the hat!  (What I told Tim right before he snapped this picture.)

I...don't know what I'm doing here.  Showcasing that scarecrow? 

First trip to a winery and all I do is take pictures of the bottles with dogs on them.  Typical.


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