My funny Valentine

It was a typical day in the college life for both Tim and me.  The weather was hot and the plan was to get coffee.  We had just gotten back from (I think) playing volleyball, and I wanted to change and run up to my apartment to grab a couple things.  At the college I attended there was a strict no opposite sex in the apartment rule, so Tim waited at the bottom of the stairs while I ran upstairs.  I don't remember clearly all that went wrong but for whatever reason the intended 2 minute trip turned into a 10 minute ordeal.  I was trying to check my account balance (yay college life) when I realized my phone wasn't working, and after I had been scurrying around for a bit I started to worry that Tim had been waiting for a while, and I didn't have a quick way to let him know I was sorry for taking so long.

I got myself together and rushed out the door-- I'm not sure why I was in such a hurry. I started to apologize as I got half way down the stairs.  I remember I met him at the bottom and told him I was ready to go.  I was flustered, I can get that way if I know people are waiting on me. It just freaks me out.  I remember how Tim was looking at me - past the needless chaos and disarray -- when he said  you are beautiful.  I was so taken back that the moment has been cemented into memory.  We hadn't been together for all that long, but I remember thinking this is a quality I want in someone - the ability to see me at my not so best and still think I'm pretty great.

The hilarious part about all this is that that moment was nothing.  I had maybe kept him waiting for a couple minutes longer than I wanted and was nervous about it 'cause I wanted to impress him.  But in reality, my hair was done, I'm pretty sure I was in a dress.  Looking back, the scene was blown out of my proportion in my head due to my flustered state.

Since that moment, Tim has seen me birth two children, battle a bout of depression and a (continual) bout of anxiety, lose my temper, and try to fit into pre-pregnancy sized pants, and he's never let up on the "you are beautiful's".  It doesn't matter if we're having a conversation about insurance coverage for mental health or student loan debt or the possibility of a big move, Tim is there calm, collected, always seeing the good in things and always seeing the good in me, even when I may not see it in myself.

Happy early Valentine's to my favorite, forever, and only Valentine.  Your "you look beautiful's" get me every time.


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