From the weekend—Laborin' and Parkin'

This was not staged. The park was actually that much fun.
When you have kids, weekends are always a toss-up. The days, when the stars align, go by smoothly, plans go accordingly, and everyone is well-rested and agrees to eat "the green". There is, however, always the looming possibility that a molar will decided to come in, or restless nights will occur and everyone is all around...cranky. The stars aligned this weekend. While there were a couple sleepless nights (when aren't there, right?), this long weekend lived up to long-weekend expectations. We saw loved ones, we went swimming, we went to the park, frequented our favorite coffee shop. I've reluctantly decided to welcome, you, Tuesday. But this cup of coffee should see me through. To Chore Day, I go!

Rollin' down the hill!

Kite flying. We've really taken a liking to it.

Archie ran right inside to the coffee shop, bumped into a poll, and fell down. Everyone around him loved it (and him) and it earned Archie some points to sit in the middle of the coffee shop floor and drink his milk.

Happy Tuesday. Happy New Week.


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