The tale of an (attempted) vacation

Farewell, Joe.

My boo. My man.

Have you ever seen camels pose for pictures?

"I want to see the cats!" Zoo Day!

Celebrating a belated Father's Day.

Vacation is the perfect time to...take up running?

Look out! We got clubs.

For the last week and a day, both Tim and I have been off from work. For months, we had been looking forward to our vacation during the week of the 4th of July, so much so that maybe I had had unrealistically high expectations. Day trips! Husband-wife get away! We'll get stuff done around the apartment! Organize! Hang stuff!

I mean, really—unrealistically high expectations.

I'm not about to sit here and complain about having the last six days off from work, because everyone loves some time away from 'the grind'. But I will say these last six days were nothing that we expected and, at a time or two, it was especially disappointing. Our husband/wife anniversary getaway fell through. (Look out, 5 year anniversary plans!) Archer's two-year-old molars decided to start popping through, which meant near all-nighters and a feverish baby. And I ended up having to work at various points throughout the week.

Though our time together did not go as planned, we still had a zoo day, a beach day (which was so fun I don't have one picture from the day). We had a family movie night, we went out for ice cream. Tim and I had a date day. And I was able to catch some 'me-time' with my best friends.

Sometimes vacation is about jam-packed itineraries, day trips, and getaways. Other times, vacation is about seeing how many days in row you can go without showering or how many episodes of Scandal you can watch in one night (a lot) or how many ice cream outings you can fit into six days. And that's totally okay with me.


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