A week in pictures

What a bazaar week.  It was full of high highs and low lows.  One day we were confirming our U Haul reservation to move to Michigan and the next I was telling Tim to call 911.

On Wednesday, after treating Ella out for her stellar behavior, I had chosen to workout after I hadn't eaten in over 3 hours (I know, never again) which brought on the worst hypoglycemic episode I've ever had.  Experiencing those symptoms led me to panic which brought on all the those familiar panic attack feelings.  I've been to the ER multiple times at this point due to anxiety, but every time a panic attack hits, all knowledge and past lessons learned go out the door.  I breathed deeply, did what I needed to do to bring my sugar up, all of it, but I'm not sure how many times I told Tim I think I need to go to the hospital.  He walked me through it, and we all made it out on the other side but not without the overall heightened feeling of anxiety which has made want to up and bail on our upcoming trip to San Diego, not get behind the wheel, and not workout.

The fight continues.  I'll leave it on a high note saying I couldn't be more grateful for my supportive husband.  Those situations seem impossible and he makes them feel a little less so.

Now I'll leave you with cute pictures of my babies.

Ella enjoying her well deserved treat.


One of my new favorite dinners.  Mango tilapia on rice with black beans and avocado and sunflower salad.

After bath time fun.  Ella needed to cover Archie with the towel, too.


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