Blessings big and small

Yesterday Ella was baptized into the Catholic Church.

It was the sweetest day, as simple as it was.  It was a day of thanking God for His Church, grace, and the people He's placed in our lives.

I love what has become our California family a great deal.  These are the people who visited us in the hospital when Ella was born, who helped us move from apartment to apartment, who traveled through time zones to be a part of our wedding.

With all of our family and some of our dearest friends out of state, days like yesterday make me especially grateful for the friends we have here with us.  

Some of the sweetest celebrations are the ones with no more than 10 people, a sandwich platter, and a lot of good laughs. 

Pictures to come!


  1. So very sad we could not have been there. I'm glad it was a nice day for all of you. God bless the child!

    1. We wish you could have been there! I'll post the pictures once I get them.


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